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    What Our Customers Say

    joseph D.
    joseph D.
    James Okon did a fine job fixing the door. No issues.
    Phyl “LadyP”
    Phyl “LadyP”
    Awesome!! I had an emergency, they came promptly and explained everything thoroughly. I am very pleased with the serve I received.
    Gayle Shrake
    Gayle Shrake
    My garage door was fixed in no time. Thanks for such quick turnaround from the time I called to the timing to replace the overhead springs. However, on my invoice it stated that I declined the service package (which I was not offered it) but I would have declined anyway. Did not affect the rating given. Thanks again Dale!! I would definitely recommend your company to others. Price was pretty decent too!!
    Jona Wegiel
    Jona Wegiel
    Mike was very professional, experienced and explained to us what needed to be done. A job well done! We would highly recommend Overhead Door.
    Edna West
    Edna West
    Great service. Extremely kind and helpful employees.
    Nice guy. Great worker. Had job done in no time. Thanks Michael Walz
    Wally Krieger
    Wally Krieger
    We had garage door that did not work properly. They had a service man out within two hours.
    Elaine Holt
    Elaine Holt
    Thank you Dale !! Excellent, honest, prompt service - Couldn't ask for anything more !!
    I got an appointment the same day I called, and my garage door was fixed in about an hour! Dale was great!! I highly recommend these guys!

    The Top Trends in Residential Garage Door Design

    Overhead Garage Door thermacore long panel custom

    Discover the latest trends in residential garage door design! Elevate your home's curb appeal with modern styles and smart features. Get inspired now!

    In today’s ever-evolving world of home design, the residential garage door is no longer just a functional necessity but also a statement piece that enhances the overall aesthetic of a home. Homeowners are increasingly looking for garage door designs that not only provide security but also contribute to the curb appeal of their property. With this in mind, let’s explore the top trends in residential garage door design that are shaping the way homes look and function.

    Sleek and Modern Styles

    Modern architecture calls for garage doors that seamlessly blend with the overall design of the house. Sleek, minimalist designs with clean lines and contemporary finishes are gaining popularity. These doors often feature smooth panels and can be customized to match the home’s exterior color palette.

    Smart Technology Integration

    In the age of smart homes, it’s no surprise that garage doors are getting smarter too. Homeowners can now control their garage doors remotely through smartphone apps. Some garage doors even come equipped with features like automatic opening and closing based on GPS proximity.

    Customization and Personalization

    One size no longer fits all when it comes to garage doors. Customization options allow homeowners to choose the materials, colors, and styles that suit their personal taste. This trend allows for unique and eye-catching garage door designs that stand out in the neighborhood.

    Eco-Friendly Materials

    Sustainability is a significant concern for many homeowners. Garage doors made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled wood or steel, are on the rise. These doors not only contribute to a greener environment but also add a touch of natural beauty to the home.

    Bold Colors and Finishes

    Garage doors are no longer limited to neutral colors. Bold and vibrant hues, as well as unique finishes like faux wood grain, are becoming increasingly popular. These choices add character and charm to the home’s exterior.

    Minimalistic Design

    Less is often more in contemporary garage door design. Minimalistic doors with subtle details create an elegant and understated look that complements various architectural styles.

    Rustic and Vintage Inspirations

    For those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia, rustic and vintage-inspired garage door designs are making a comeback. These doors often feature intricate hardware and traditional styling.

    Energy Efficiency

    Energy-efficient garage doors help homeowners reduce heating and cooling costs. Well-insulated doors can maintain the temperature in the garage, which is especially important if the garage is used for more than just parking cars.

    Multi-Functional Doors

    Garage doors are now expected to serve multiple purposes. Some designs include built-in pedestrian doors for easy access without opening the entire garage. Others have space-saving features that maximize storage.

    Security Features

    Security remains a top priority. Many modern garage doors come with advanced security features, including fingerprint recognition, secure code access, and surveillance integration, ensuring the safety of your home and belongings.

    Glass Elements

    Garage doors with glass panels or windows are gaining popularity for their ability to let natural light into the garage space. These doors can be customized with various glass options to suit privacy preferences.

    Hidden Garage Doors

    Concealed garage doors, also known as hidden or invisible garage doors, are an intriguing trend. When closed, they seamlessly blend into the home’s façade, disguising the garage entrance.

    Low Maintenance Options

    Busy homeowners appreciate low-maintenance garage doors. Materials like fiberglass and vinyl are durable and require minimal upkeep, ensuring that your garage door looks great with minimal effort.


    Residential garage door design has evolved to become a crucial aspect of home aesthetics and functionality. With trends ranging from sleek modern styles to eco-friendly options and smart technology integration, homeowners have a plethora of choices to enhance the curb appeal of their homes while maintaining security and energy efficiency.


    Are smart garage doors secure?

    Smart garage doors are designed with robust security features, including encryption and secure access codes, to prevent unauthorized entry.

    What are some eco-friendly garage door materials?

    Eco-friendly options include doors made from recycled materials, sustainable wood, and energy-efficient insulation.

    Can I paint my garage door a custom color?

    Many garage door manufacturers offer custom color options to match your home’s exterior.

    How do hidden garage doors work?

    Hidden garage doors are designed to blend seamlessly with the façade of your home and are often operated remotely or with a keypad.

    What maintenance is required for a low-maintenance garage door?

    Low-maintenance garage doors typically require occasional cleaning and lubrication to keep them in optimal condition.

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